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Get support for one of the most complex and misunderstood situations in the world. You don't have to be alone.


After discovering my husband's potential neurodiversity, I was looking for educational material. I came across Anne's course on Udemy, which shockingly well described my circumstances! The extended course material clarified my major confusions and sorted out possibilities and expectations.

However, I still felt heartbroken, shattered and alone with this new knowledge and situation, not able to make sense of my life and how to navigate a neurodiverse marriage without being forced to shut down my emotions.

That was when I decided to reach out to Anne for one-on-one coaching and this was the best gift I could offer myself at this difficult time. Over the next few months, regular conversations with her helped me find mental clarity and move forward. Anne's style is to allow you to choose your own path and she works with you, step-by-step, to achieve your full potential.

Anne guided me on how to deal with my own emotions and re-discover my personal worth and confidence. She patiently offered not only a listening ear but years of personal experience and professional research knowledge. It's difficult to find a specialist in the area of neurodiverse couples. Anne, however, is not a typical expert or therapist on this topic. She will ground you in reality, remind you over and over about the nuances of neurodiverse marriage, and does not promise miracle changes in the marriage dynamics. Her approach is optimistic and solution-based, so she will not tell you to 'lower your expectations,' like many therapists do, but will encourage you and support you in your own decisions.

I highly recommend Anne's services to anyone who is lost in the intricacy of a neurodiverse relationship.

- Anonymous

NOTE: Anne is not a licensed therapist. She is a trained coach who has a master's in psychology.

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