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I offer consulting and coaching services to support you in achieving what you want from your life and for your partner, family and children. I work with either the autistic or the neurotypical partner.

Anne MacMillan, MLA

Consultant, Coach, Educator and Expert Witness

Make your life what you want it to be.

I have 21 years of personal experience with autism and marriage and a lifetime of experience with autism and close family relationships. I have been consulting and coaching neurotypical, non-autistic neurodivergent, and autistic individuals managing neurodiverse marriage and divorce since 2017.

I offer relationship services, divorce services, autistic parent coaching, and court expert witness services. I support my clients in whatever decisions they make -- staying married, getting divorced, or finding other suitable arrangements. I help them prevent expensive high-conflict neurodiverse divorces whenever possible, saving them a LOT of money in attorney fees along the way. And, whenever I can, I help autistic parents maintain positive relationships with children during and after divorce.

I have a master's in psychology from Harvard University where I conducted some of the first quantitative research on neurodiverse marriage in the world, receiving the Director's Thesis Award for my work. I am a trained and ICF-aligned coach and will make YOUR sessions about YOU.

I am neurotypical.

Anne MacMillan, MLA

Consultant, Coach, Educator and Expert Witness

Financial Abuse Victim Support

Connecting Victims to Sponsors


Many individuals in neurodiverse marriages are victims of financial abuse and cannot afford the personalized support available to more wealthy clients. If you are a financial abuse victim, I understand that you may also be in desperate need of personalized support.

I take as many financial abuse victims as I am able to afford. Please use the button below to get on my waitlist.


If you happen to be one of those more fortunate people connected to neurodiverse marriage, please consider sponsoring a financial abuse victim.

I'd be happy to connect you with the person (or people) you're sponsoring if you feel the connection would be valuable to you.

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