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REAL Neurodiverse Marriage, founded in 2017, is Anne MacMillan's private coaching, consulting, and education practice. REAL stands for Resources and Education about Autism and Love. At REAL, Anne combines a highly supportive coaching model and her original educational materials with her deep knowledge, strong compassion and full intent to empower neurotypical (or non-autistic neurodivergent) and autistic individuals managing the complexities of neurodiverse intimate adult relationships.

Anne has an uses an "open" approach meaning that she supports her clients in finding their own paths and making their own empowered decisions regarding staying married or getting divorced. She works to help prevent expensive high-conflict divorces and offers expert testimony in court cases.

REAL Neurodiverse Marriage

Anne MacMillan, MLA

Consultant and Coach

Make your life what you want it to be...

Anne has 21 years of personal experience with autism and marriage and a lifetime of experience with autism and close family relationships. She has been consulting and coaching neurotypical and autistic individuals managing neurodiverse marriage and divorce since 2017.

She supports her clients in whatever decisions they make --staying married, getting a divorce, or finding other suitable arrangements. She helps her clients prevent expensive high-conflict divorces whenever possible.

Anne has a master's in psychology from Harvard University where she conducted some of the first quantitative research on neurodiverse marriage in the world, receiving the director's thesis award for her work. She is a trained and ICF-aligned coach.

Anne is neurotypical.

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Vicki R.

Found her insights spot on. I gifted this course to 2 others before I even finished it. Refreshing thoughts. Focus is on you, the NT of the relationship with great ways to look at things from both sides. Been married to Autism for 45 years and found this course something I will review on a regular basis to support myself.

Katie G.

This is a MUST for anyone who has a partner with autism. No matter where you are in your relationship, even if your relationship has ended, this is for YOU! Anne’s knowledge, compassion, guidance is unparalleled and unprecedented. Thank you Anne.

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