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REAL Neurodiverse Marriage

Do you do couple's counseling?

I do not. I work with individuals -- either the autistic or the neurotypical (or non-autistic neurodivergent) partner.

I run my practice this way because I believe that a lot of neurodiverse couples' counseling becomes a dysfunctional extension of the dysfunctions in neurodiverse marriages. I am here to support you as you move from any difficulties to health and I feel that can best be done by working with individuals.

Do you work with neurotypicals or autistics?

Both! I mean... either! The catch is that I will only work with one of you. I work with individuals -- not couples. I do not discriminate and if we are a match, I am happy to work with whichever partner reaches out to me.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not. I am a coach, not a therapist and none of my services are considered treatment.

Can you refer me to a therapist?

Definitely! Many of my clients participate in couple's counseling alongside my services. That said, there is currently no evidence-based treatment for the incompatibilities of neurodiverse marriage. More research would need to be done.

Sometimes when I feel my individual clients are more in need of therapy than coaching or could use therapy instead of coaching, I refer them on to licensed mental health professionals.

I'm a victim of extreme financial abuse. Can you help?

Please text me at (617) 996-7239 and I will get you into my online course at an extreme discount. I also have a limited amount of clients who act as benefactors and sponsor financial abuse victims.

Do you save marriages?

I support individuals as they decide what they want for themselves and then take action to turn their desires into reality. Sometimes my clients choose to work on their marriages. Sometimes they choose to get a divorce.

It is impossible for me to save anything for anyone besides myself. Only YOU have the power to make changes in YOUR life.

Are you religious?

I was born Mormon and have left the faith of my childhood. I have a lifetime of experience with religion and the dynamics of religious communities. I do not currently worship with any specific faith community.

Do you believe in the sanctity of marriage?

I do not believe there is a god who wants people to stay in abusive marriages. I do believe that it is helpful for individuals in neurodiverse marriages to define what "marriage" means to them and then decide if their own marriage fits that definition before deciding if their marriage should be sacrosanct.

Do you support divorce?

I support my clients. I have no goals for my clients aside from the goals they have for themselves. If my client decides they want to stay married, I support them. If my client decides they want to get a divorce, I support them.

Can you prevent high-conflict divorce?

I do not have the power to change anyone besides myself and can guarantee nothing. That said, I believe my services have helped several clients achieve neurodiverse divorce with less conflict. I also believe and that I have saved them a lot of money on attorney fees.

Do you testify in court?

I can act as an expert witness and have supported clients by writing expert witness statements for court regarding the impact of autism on divorce conflict and on children. I can testify in court if it comes to that and if my testimony would be useful.

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Anne MacMillan, MLA

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Vicki R.

Found her insights spot on. I gifted this course to 2 others before I even finished it. Refreshing thoughts. Focus is on you, the NT of the relationship with great ways to look at things from both sides. Been married to Autism for 45 years and found this course something I will review on a regular basis to support myself.

Katie G.

This is a MUST for anyone who has a partner with autism. No matter where you are in your relationship, even if your relationship has ended, this is for YOU! Anne’s knowledge, compassion, guidance is unparalleled and unprecedented. Thank you Anne.

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