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I have 21 years of personal experience with autism and marriage and a lifetime of experience with autism and close family relationships. I have been consulting and coaching neurotypical, non-autistic neurodivergent, and autistic individuals managing neurodiverse marriage and divorce since 2017.

I offer relationship services, divorce services, autistic parent coaching, and court expert witness services. I support my clients in whatever decisions they make -- staying married, getting divorced, or finding other suitable arrangements. I help them prevent expensive high-conflict neurodiverse divorces whenever possible, saving them a LOT of money in attorney fees along the way. And, whenever I can, I help autistic parents maintain positive relationships with children during and after divorce.

I have a master's in psychology from Harvard University where I conducted some of the first quantitative research on neurodiverse marriage in the world, receiving the Director's Thesis Award for my work. I am a trained and ICF-aligned coach and will make YOUR sessions about YOU.

I am neurotypical.

Anne MacMillan, MLA

Consultant, Coach, Educator and Expert Witness

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Vicki R.

Found her insights spot on. I gifted this course to 2 others before I even finished it. Refreshing thoughts. Focus is on you, the NT of the relationship with great ways to look at things from both sides. Been married to Autism for 45 years and found this course something I will review on a regular basis to support myself.

Katie G.

This is a MUST for anyone who has a partner with autism. No matter where you are in your relationship, even if your relationship has ended, this is for YOU! Anne’s knowledge, compassion, guidance is unparalleled and unprecedented. Thank you Anne.

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Learning and growing together is much more satisfying than learning and growing alone.

Join a community group of neurotypicals (and non-autistic neurodivergents) to discuss the modules of my online course, Your Journey to Connection and Ease, in a live fun, safe and informal yet intimate setting. Watch each module on your own time then meet via zoom each week to talk through the module's personal development questions.

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My Services

I offer consulting and coaching services to support you in achieving what you want from your life and for your partner, family and children. I work with either the autistic or the neurotypical partner.

Anne MacMillan, MLA

Consultant, Coach, Educator and Expert Witness

My Newest Blog Posts

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Discovering the Spectrum: My Enlightening Experience at the World Autism Summit

October 01, 20232 min read

Discovering the Spectrum: My Enlightening Experience at the World Autism Summit


Life has a way of opening our eyes to new perspectives, especially when we least expect it. My recent participation in the inaugural World Autism Summit by Autism Today was one such enlightening experience.

I've recently become more vocal about my personal connection to autism – being part of a family that manages Level 1 Autism and even marrying someone with the same diagnosis. This is the autism I know and the one I speak about. But, until the summit, I hadn't as fully considered the way the broader spectrum of experiences and challenges faced by families dealing with various levels of autism should be affecting my public communications..

From Familiar Territory to Uncharted Waters

Imagine stepping into a room, thinking you have a broad grasp on a topic, only to discover vast facets you've yet to explore. This was my profound realization as I sat on a discussion panel alongside families managing Level 3 Autism.

Meeting Frank Farmer, who has a Level 3 autistic child, was a revelation. The way he presented his child's ability to communicate using a board was heartwarming and eye-opening. I was deeply moved when I delved into the thoughts and feelings expressed on their blog, wordsyouneverheardmesay.com. It underscored the fact that equating service levels with intelligence is a gross misjudgment.

A Two-Way Learning Street

While I imparted insights about the unique challenges faced by Level 1 families, I was equally eager to soak in the experiences shared by others. For instance, Dr. Cepero's insights on ensuring care for Level 3 autistic children after the parents are gone was both enlightening and heart-wrenching.

There was a profound moment of connection when Frank Farmer and I tried to envision life from each other's shoes. Both of us realized the vast, yet intertwined, challenges each end of the spectrum faces.

The Need for Continuous Dialogue

One of the primary takeaways from the summit was the realization of how our words and actions might be perceived by others on the spectrum. While our experiences differ, the goal remains unified – to create a more inclusive and understanding world for everyone touched by autism.

In my journey with NeurodiverseMarriage.com and RealNeurodiverse.com, I've aimed to be a beacon of hope and information. But this summit reminded me that it's essential to keep expanding my horizon, to include and learn from every part of the spectrum.

Looking Ahead with Hope

In closing, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Autism Today, especially Karen Simmons, Kathy, Jalal, and their entire team, for initiating this global dialogue. The World Autism Summit wasn't just an event; it was a stepping stone towards building bridges across the spectrum.

To all the families out there managing any level of autism, I salute your resilience and hope to continue this journey of mutual discovery and support alongside you.

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Anne MacMillan, MLA

Anne MacMillan is the founder of REAL Neurodiverse Marriage. She has 21 years of experience with autism and marriage, a lifetime of experience with autism and close family relationships and has been coaching and consulting individuals managing autism and marriage since 2017. She has a master's in psychology from Harvard University where she did some of the world's first quantitative research on autism and marriage. She is neurotypical.

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My Research

Some of the world's first quantitative research on autism and marriage

I was working on a master's in psychology at Harvard University when I realized my husband of almost 20 years was autistic. I was shocked by how little was known about an issue that affected my own life so dramatically. So, I shifted my research interests to autism and marriage and was ultimately given the Director's Thesis Award for my work.

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